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Here's a chance to have a look at my collection and spares by country and state and to get lists of my wants and spares. If you'd like to trade beermats with me please get in touch.

At the moment only my USA and Canadian collections are fully catalogued and scanned but more countries will come on line as they are completed. What you'll see is not intended to be a catalogue but a view of the beermats that I have in either my collection or my spares. All scans are my own.

The USA catalogue numbers quoted are from Beer Coast and the Canadian ones from Kool Koasters ... Eh! (Labatt and Molson) and Beer Coast (All Others).

Currently I have 7988 beermats in my USA collection and 4080 in my USA spares plus 1841 beermats in my Canadian collection and and 1085 in my Canadian spares.

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